Jeannine Errico

formerly of School of Vintage has an eclectic background ranging from science to vintage to event planning, balancing her time between analytical work and creativity. She likes to think that her various experiences, along with those of her talented partners, Erin and Dani, allow The MakeShift Union to be a dynamic business with an ever-evolving mission and a growing portfolio. In her spare time (and all other times), Jeannine likes to drink coffee and eat. She likes going on beach dates with her husband Chris, taking long walks with her dog, Henry, reading, and traveling. Not one to ever be fully satisfied, Jeannine is always thinking of her next move. She fantasizes about becoming an accountant, a nurse, an author, a veterinarian, a rich housewife (if only Chris would cooperate), a fashion designer, and a CEO of something fun - to name a few. 

Danielle Corso

currently runs Volatile Media Management, which allows her to vicariously live in the worlds of art, philanthropy, surfing, hospitality, commerce, and finance while simultaneously following her personal mission of conspiring with small business to have a positive impact on the community. She has followed an entrepreneurial spirit from the early days of lemonade stands to joining the ranks of Erin and Jeannine to bring to life ideas inspired by movers, shakers, and changemakers. When not immersed in all things "work" related, Dani likes to explore Philadelphia, relax on the beaches of Long Beach Island, and revel in the company of her favorite people. 

Erin Buterick

formerly of School of Vintage and currently of project Erin is an administrator at a construction company by day and formal wear seamstress by night. She has been sewing for 17 years and is professionally trained in alterations and tailoring. Erin has been known to spend all of the money she earns as a seamstress on fabric in order to support her sewing-for-fun habit. Another job that she is more than happy to share with her partners Jeannine and Dani, is that of event planning via The MakeShift Union, which brings a whole new set of skills and richness to her career path. Aside from her jobs sewing, administrator-ing, and Makeshift Union-ing, she likes to travel (usually to someplace in the woods), bake, and hang with friends and family. 

how it all started

While at School of Vintage, Erin and Jeannine came up with this crazy idea for a Makers Festival. One day, Dani and her sister happened to come into SoV for a little wedding dress shopping and everyone quickly became friends. Erin and Jeannine shared their idea of Makers with Dani, and she jumped right on their crazy train of ideas, while simultaneously bringing her own.  All three members of The Makeshift Union bring a unique vision and set of skills to the collaboration and have big plans for many more future endeavors.