Hello and welcome to our holiday celebration of all things handmade!  If you are interested in vending at The Night Market and Holiday Exhibit , we urge you to read the following guidelines and instructions prior to applying. 

This is a juried event. This means that every applicant, regardless of previous involvement, will need to submit an "Application to Vend" in order for consideration of participation.


- Vendors must be handmade or representative of a collective of handmade wares.

- Every application is submitted to the panel of hosts and the creative team for approval. 

- Applicants will be notified of acceptance/denial within one week of receipt of application.


1. Be sure to read the vendor information page, familiarize yourself with vendor fees and what is provided to you day of.

2. Fill out the "application to vend" . Applications will not be received by the hosts until checkout is complete. 

3. Check your email for acceptance/denial of application and if accepted, follow the provided link to pay vendor fees.

4. Your spot is not confirmed until all vendor fees have been paid in full.